Bulletin du Cancer

Bulletin du Cancer

Volume 89, issue 9, Septembre 2002


Volume 89, issue 9, Septembre 2002


Article Obituaries: two great ladies of french gynaecology: Geneviève Contesso and Odile Schweisguth (p.745-8)
Christian Nezelof, Jean Lemerle

Article Cancer and pregnancy (p.749-50)
Paul Cappelaere, Philippe Morice

Dossier thématique : Cytogénique oncologique

Article Cancer and pregnancy: the obstetrician's standpoint (p.758-64)
Emmanuelle Mathieu, Philippe Merviel, Jean-Marie Antoine, Serge Uzan

Article Gynecological cancer and pregnancy (p.765-71)
Philippe Morice, Sophie Camatte, Patricia Pautier, Vanina Castaigne, Nathalie Germann, Christophe Pomel, Christine Haie-Meder, Catherine Lhommé, Pierre Duvillard, Daniel Dargent, Damienne Castaigne

Article Pregnancy and breast carcinoma: the senologist's point of view (p.772-8)
Laurent Mignot

Article Cancer and pregnancy: the medical oncologist's point of view (p.779-85)
Patricia Pautier, Catherine Lhomme, Philippe Morice

Article Preserving fertility in women treated for cancer (p.786-94)
François Olivennes, Yves Aubard

Dossier thématique : cancer et grossesse

Article Pregnancy and breast cancer: decisions and mother's perspectives (p.755-7)
François Eisinger, Agnès Noizet


Article Treatment of relapsed adult acute myeloid leukemia (p.795-807)
Xavier Thomas, Quoc-Hung Le

Article original

Article Cancer care at hospital in France, 1999: a quantitative analysis of medical activity and associated costs (p.809-21)
Laurent Borella, Stéphane Finkel, Nicolas Crapeau, Patrick Peuvrel, Martine Sauvage, Lionel Perrier, Eric Lepage, Jean Villeminot, Bernard Garrigues

Tribune libre

Article We should change the conduct of clinical trials in oncology (p.823-5)
Catherine Hill