Bulletin du Cancer

Bulletin du Cancer

Volume 89, issue 12, Décembre 2002


Volume 89, issue 12, Décembre 2002


Article Chirurgie conservatrice en cancérologie (p.1001-2)
Philippe Morice

Point sur…

Article p53 status and response to chemotherapy (p.1007-10)
Jean Bénard, Jean-Charles Ahomadégbé

Dossier thématique

Article Functional surgery for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (p.1011-7)
François Janot, Morbize Julieron

Article Conservative management of malignant and borderline ovarian tumor (p.1019-26)
Philippe Morice, Sophie Camatte, Fabienne Wickart-Poque, Roman Rouzier, Patricia Pautier, Christophe Pomel, Catherine Lhommé, Christine Haie-Meder, Pierre Duvillard, Damienne Castaigne

Article Extended trachelectomy relapse: plea for patient involvement in the medical decision (p.1027-30)
Daniel Dargent, Fosca Franzosi, Yann Ansquer, Xavier Martin, Patrice Mathevet, Patrice Adeline

Article Surgery for rectal cancer: function rather than organ preservation surgery (p.1035-41)
Marc Pocard, Philippe Lasser

Article Soft tissue sarcoma : improved quality of life with new surgical approachs (p.1045-52)
Sylvie Bonvalot

Article Conservative neurosurgery (p.1053-60)
François Nataf

Article Conservative surgery and restoration after pelvic exenteration (p.1061-6)
Gilles Houvenaeghel

Standards, Options et Recommandations

Article Standards, Options and Recommendations for the use of medical analgesics for the treatment of pain arising from excess nociception in adults with cancer (update 2002) (p.1067-74)
Ivan Krakowski, groupe de travail SOR

Article A project of evidence-based patient information and patient education (p.1075-8)
Béatrice Fervers, groupe de travail SOR SAVOIR PATIENT

Article Mass breast cancer screening program: a public health priority in France (p.1079-80)
Christian Schoch

Article La mammographie (p.1081-2)

Article L'échographie mammaire (p.1083-4)

Article Les biopsies stéréotaxiques du sein (p.1085-7)

Article La biopsie échoguidée du sein (p.1089-90)

Article Les repérages mammaires préopératoires (p.1091-2)

Article original

Article Prevalence of psychiatric disorders and factors associated with delirium in patients referred to a psycho-oncology service (p.1093-8)
Pierre Gagnon, Maryline Habel, Séverine Hervouet, Lynne Moore

La SFC communique

Article Signaling in Breast Cancer and New Therapeutic Approaches (p.1114)