Bulletin du Cancer

Bulletin du Cancer

Volume 87, issue 9, Septembre 2000


Volume 87, issue 9, Septembre 2000

Gènes et Cancers

Article Fiche n°36 : Gène : E-cadhérine (uvomorulin) ou CDH1 - Catégorie : Gène suppresseur de tumeur (p.617-8)
Thierry Soussi

Article Fiche n°37 : Gène : hdm2 (mdm2 chez la souris) human double minute 2- Catégorie : Oncogène (p.619-20)
Thierry Soussi


Article Pierre Masson (1880-1959): a towering figure in tumor histopathology (p.625-9)
Gilles Tremblay, Thomas Seemayer

Articles originaux

Article Complications and tolerance of heated intraperitoneal chemotherapy and cytoreductive surgery for peritoneal carcinomatosis: results of a phase I-II study of peritoneal carcinomatosis from different sources (p.665-70)
Sami Antoun, Patrick Meshaka, Dhaoui Soltani, François Blot, Michel Ducreux, Philippe Lasser, Gérard Nitenberg, Dominique Elias

Article Huriet law: application in a regional cancer centre (centre Léon-Bérard, Lyon) (p.671-9)
Gisèle Chvetzoff, Isabelle Ray-Coquard, Arlette Dumortier, Catherine Engel, Marie-France Mevelec, Jean-François Latour, Thierry Philip, Franck Chauvin


Article p53 activation by PI-3K family kinases after DNA double-strand breaks (p.635-41)
David Pernin, Nancy Uhrhammer, Pierre Verrelle, Yves-Jean Bignon, Jacques-Olivier Bay

Article Chemotherapy of metastatic breast cancer (p.643-53)
Bernard Brun, Pierre Pouillart

Article "Psychogenesis" of cancer: between myths, misuses and reality (p.655-64)
Christine Reynaert, Yves Libert, Pascal Janne

Point sur…

Article The different meanings of the word stratification (p.631-3)
Catherine Hill