Bulletin du Cancer

Bulletin du Cancer

Volume 89, issue 3, Mars 2002


Volume 89, issue 3, Mars 2002

Point sur…

Article The hypoxia-inducible factor HIF as a new target in cancer research (p.257-60)
Gilles L'Allemain

Article Protein kinase CK2 and cancer: further clues are accumulating (p.261-5)
Odile Filhol, Claude Cochet

Le cancéreux guéri

Article Quality of life measurement in cancer survivors (p.267-74)
Simon Schraub, Mariette Mercier, Thierry Conroy


Article Weekly administration of paclitaxel in the treatment of metastatic breast cancer: from rational to practice (p.275-82)
Mario Campone, Pierre Fumoleau

Article News in occupational cancers (p.283-92)
Jean-Claude Pairon, Mireille Matrat, Patrick Brochard

Article Food and cancer: state of the art about the protective effect of fruits and vegetables (p.293-312)
Mariette Gerber, Marie-Christine Boutron-Ruault, Serge Hercberg, Elio Riboli, Augustin Scalbert, Marie-Hélène Siess

Articles originaux

Article Impact of [18F]-FDG-PET on medical decision making in oncology: evaluation by the referring physicians during the opening year (p.313-21)
Jean-Noël Talbot, Jean-Didier Rain, Michel Meignan, Serge Askienazy, Yvon Grall, Bernard Bok, Jean-Louis Misset

Article Breast cancer: factors influencing the therapeutic itinerary of patients in a medical oncology unit in Bamako (Mali) (p.323-6)
Madani Ly, Samba Diop, Massambou Sacko, Mounirou Baby, Cheick Tidiane Diop, Dapa A Diallo

Bloc note

Article Congrès et enseignements - Appels d'offre (p.328)

La SFC communique

Article XXIE Forum de cancérologie (p.329)