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Bulletin du Cancer

Bulletin du Cancer

Volume 89, issue 1, Janvier 2002


Volume 89, issue 1, Janvier 2002


Article Editorial (p.7)
Paul Cappelaere

Article Molecular mechanisms of oncogenic transformation: what's new? (p.9-16)
Jean-Marie Blanchard

Article New concepts for the study of anticancer drug resistance (p.17-22)
Jacques Robert

Article PPARdelta and PPARgamma: roles in fatty acids signalling, implication in tumorigenesis (p.23-8)
Claire Bastie

Article News about... the proteasome inhibitor PS341 (p.29-30)
Gilles L'Allemain

Article What is new in renal cell carcinoma (p.31-6)
Alain Ravaud, Jacques-Olivier Bay

Article News on screening, diagnosis and treatment of prostatic cancer (p.37-45)
Bruno Chauvet, Arnauld Villers, Jean-Louis Davin, Sophie Nahon

Article News about testicular cancer (p.47-56)
Alain Houlgatte, Louis-Marie Dourthe, Olivier Bernard

Article Recent progress and perspectives in lung cancer's management (p.57-66)
Fabrice Barlesi, Céline Gimenez, Michèle Pibarot, Jean-Pierre Kleisbauer

Article Current insights in malignant pleural mesothelioma (p.67-74)
Martin Bard, Denis Debrosse, Raffaele Caliandro, Philippe Girard, Dominique Grunenwald, Pierre Ruffié

Article What's, new in neoplastic diseases of the hematopoietic and lymphoid tissues (p.75-88)
Valérie Ugo, Ollivier Legrand, Alain Delmer, Bernard Rio, Nicole Casadevall, Jean-Pierre Marie

Article Actualities in lymphomas (p.89-99)
Houchingue Eghbali, Pierre Soubeyran, Isabelle Soubeyran, Alain Monnerau, Sophie Cazorla

Article New trends in soft tissue sarcomas (p.100-7)
Binh Nguyen Bui, Reza Tabrizi, Corinne Dagada, Nathalie Trufflandier, Eberhard Stöckle, Jean-Michel Coindre

Article Focusing on rhabdomyosarcomas in children (p.108-12)
Christophe Bergeron, Dominique Ranchere-Vince, Perrine Berard-Marec

Article Current concepts on differenciated thyroid carcinoma (p.113-23)
Lucie Karayan, Samy Hadjadj, Christian J. Larsen, Richard Maréchaud, Jean-Louis Kraimps

Article New trends in breast reconstruction (p.125-9)
Philippe Rouanet, Marthe Duchêne, François Quenet

Article Current developments in neuro-oncology (p.131-7)
Elie Louis, Antoine Carpentier, Jean-Yves Delattre

Article Update in medical informatics in oncology (p.139-45)
Jean-François Laurent