Bulletin du Cancer

Bulletin du Cancer

Volume 88, issue 12, Décembre 2001


Volume 88, issue 12, Décembre 2001

Gènes et Cancers

Article Fiche 48 : FANCG/XRCC9 (anémie de Fanconi de type G) (p.1149-50)
Thierry Soussi


Article Cowden disease and the PTEN gene: a successfully clinical and biological combined approach (p.1153-8)
Michel Longy

Article Medical complications and medical legal pitfalls concerning interventional radiological procedures on the breast (p.1159-66)
Pierre-Yves Marcy, Nicolas Magné, Jean-Michel Hannoun-Lévi, Moïse Namer

Article Improving doctor's communication skills in oncology: review and future perspectives (p.1167-76)
Yves Libert, Sandrine Conradt, Christine Reynaert, Pascal Janne, David Tordeurs, Nicole Delvaux, Ovide Fontaine, Darius Razavi

Standards, Options et Recommandations

Article Standards, Options and Recommendations for tumor markers in colorectal cancer (p.1177-206)
Nicole Eche, Marie-France Pichon, Véronique Quillien, Guillaume Gory-Delabaere, Jean-Marc Riedinger, Jean-Pierre Basuyau, Alain Daver, Bruno Buecher, Thierry Conroy, Lise Dieu, Jean-Michel Bidart, Laurent Deneux

Articles originaux

Article Relevance of combined radiation and surgical treatment of early invasive carcinoma of the cervix (p.1207-12)
Jean-Yves Charvolin, Claude Nos, Anne de la Rochefordière, Vincent-J. de Margerie, Jean-Claude Durand, Krishna B. Clough

Article Study of the hormone-refractory prostate cancer clinical practice in an anti-cancer center (p.1213-21)
Laura Zufferey, Bertrand Roques, Aude Fléchon, Jean-Pierre Droz

Article School reinsertion of children treated in centre Léon-Bérard (p.1222-7)
Didier Frappaz, Perrine Marec-Bérard, Mathias Schell, Eric Bouffet, Danièle Rougier, Pierre Blanchard, Guy Roussin, Anne Liger, Christophe Bergeron, Thierry Philip, Véronique Zucchinelli

Article Network of care for breast cancers: a prospective survey among general practitioners (p.1228-34)
Martine Laury-Auzeric, Tan Dat Nguyen, Jean-Marc Pavlovitch

Compte rendu du congrès

Article 43rd meeting of the American Society of Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (Astro) (p.1235-9)
Jean-Jacques Mazeron

Article Molecular targets and cancer therapeutics (p.1240-5)
Gilles L'Allemain, Jean Bénard

Tribune libre

Article Breast cancer sentinel lymph node biopsy: learning curve and quality control measures (p.1246-7)
Vincent Moutardier, Gilles Houvenaeghel