Bulletin du Cancer

Bulletin du Cancer

Volume 88, issue 7, Juillet 2001


Volume 88, issue 7, Juillet 2001

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Article Screening for cancer: from guidelines to practice (p.643-4)
Annie J. Sasco

Article The CCN family of cell growth regulators: lessons from the first international workshop on the CCN family of genes (p.645-9)
Bernard Perbal

Dossier thématique : Le STI571

Article Leukemogenesis and new therapy development: the example of chronic myelogenous leukemia (p.651-8)
Gabriel Etienne, François-Xavier Mahon

Article Anti-tyrosine kinase: first results of initial molecular therapies of cancer diseases (p.659-60)
François Guilhot

Article STI571 and gastro intestinal stromal tumors (p.661-2)
Isabelle Ray-Coquard, Axel Le Cesne, Jean-Yves Blay


Article Proteomic analysis: why and how ? (p.663-70)
Anne-Sophie Vercoutter-Edouart, Jean-Philippe Peyrat, Jérôme Lemoinen, Hubert Hondermarck

Article What do we know about ATM protein expression in breast tissue? (p.671-5)
Sandra Angèle, Philippe Tanière, Janet Hall

Article Medical management of women with inherited predisposition to breast cancer: indications and procedures for mammographic screening (p.677-86)
Christine Lassetn, Valérie Bonadona


Article Recommendations on cancer screening in the European Union (p.687-92)
M. Micksche, E. Lynge, V. Diehl, J. Estape, H. Vertio, J. Faivre, M. Papamichail, P.A. Daly, U. Veronesi, M. Dicato, R. Kroes, E. Limbert, L.E. Holm, A. Vandenbroucke, T. Davies

Articles originaux

Article Local control in the management of cancer: a few thoughts (p.693-9)
Jean-Pierre Gérard, Olivier Chapet, Michel Cucherat, Pascale Romestaing, Françoise Mornex, Jean-Yves Bobin, Pascal Roy, Véronique Favrel

Article Double-blinded controlled study comparing clodronate versus placebo in patients with breast cancer bone metastases (p.701-7)
Michèle Tubiana-Hulin, Philippe Beuzeboc, Louis Mauriac, Nicole Barbet, Michel Frenay, Alain Monnier, Jean-Marc Pion, Odile Switsers, Jean-Louis Misset, Sylvie Assadourian, Eddi Bessa

Tribune libre

Article Protontherapy is not an obsolete technic (p.708-9)
Georges Noël, Régis Ferrand, Hamid Mammar, Jean-Jacques Mazeron

La SFC communique

Article Oncogénomique et médicament - Journée scientifique (p.710)