Bulletin du Cancer

Bulletin du Cancer

Volume 84, issue 2, Février 1997


Volume 84, issue 2, Février 1997

Articles originaux

Article Biotransformation of taxoids by human cytochromes P450: structure-activity relationship (p.125-33)
Bernard Monsarrat, Isabelle Royer, Michel Wright, Thierry Cresteil

Article Predicting local recurrence in patients with intraductal breast carcinoma. About 217 cases (p.135-40)
Michel Abbes, Anne-Catherine Lange, Kalid Daoudi, Michel Lallement

Article High-dose ifosfamide at 15 g/m2/cycle: a feasibility study on 10 patients (p.141-6)
Marie-Christine Baranzelli, Fabienne Pichon, Bernard Gourmel, Michelle N’Guyen, Nathalie Deligny, Marie-Claude Demaille

Article Negative second-look laparotomy: an ovarian cancer analysis of prognostic and survival factors based on 64 cases treated at the Institut Gustave-Roussy (p.147-54)
Patricia Pautier, Annie Rey, Guy Michel, Damiène Castaigne, France Rochard, Pierre Duvillard, Christine Haie-Meder, Patricia Curcio, Laurence Benedetti-Richard, Catherine Lhommé

Article Evaluation of survival and prognostic factors in 2,000 broncho-pulmonary cancers registered during 10 years in an oncology department (p.155-61)
Denis Moro, Hélène Nagy-Mignotte, Michel Bolla, Marc Colonna, Pierre-Yves Brichon, Christian Brambilla, René Schaerer, Constantin Vrousos

Article Prevalence assessment of colorectal and breast cancers in the Rhône-Alpes area (p.162-8)
Marc Colonna, François Ménégoz, Catherine Exbrayat, Marie-France Veran-Peyret, Thierry Philip, René Schaerer

Article Prevalence of cancer, health care and daily life assistance in persons over 75 in Tarn (France) (p.169-74)
Bernard Faliu, Frédéric Berthier, Pascale Grosclaude, Isabelle Aptel, Françoise Cayla, Martine Machelard-Roumagnac, Yves Duchene

Article Male breast cancer in Africa. A report on 5 cases at Ouagadougou University Teaching Hospital (Burkina Faso) (p.175-7)
Daman Sano, Blamy Dao, Jean Lankoandé, Boubacar Touré, Boblewendé Sakandé, Si Simon Traoré, Albert Wandaogo, Raphaël Dakouré, Amadou Sanou


Article Relaxin and breast cancer (p.178-82)
Danièle Bani

Article Androgen receptor gene mutations: possible involvement in prostate adenocarcinoma (p.183-8)
Irène Mowszowicz, Chidokht Mestayer


Article Conservative treatment in laryngeal cancer. Combined radiotherapy/chemotherapy and/or new radiotherapy fractionation schedules (p.191-8)
Françoise Brunin, José Rodriguez, Christian Jaulerry

Article Evolution of the occupational carcinogens regulation in the European Union (p.199-205)
Jean-Marc Soulat, Michel Pujol

Article Angiosarcoma of the breast: a study of 8 cases and literature review (p.206-11)
Jean-Luc Molitor, Antonio Llombart, Jean-Marc Guinebretière, Leïla Zemoura, Marc Spielmann, Geneviève Contesso, Florent de Vathaire, Laurent Zelek, Louis Kayitalire, Thierry Le Chevalier, Jean Genin

Etude de cas

Article Spermatocytic seminoma. Report on 4 cases (p.212-4)
Armelle Caty, Patrick Bertrand, Bernard Castelain, Etienne Mazeman

Article Leiomyosarcoma of the vagina: a case report (p.215-7)
Hafid Hachi, Azzeddine Ottmany, Abdesslam Bougtab, Laila Achaachi, Chihab Eddine Baroudi, Fouad Tijami, Abdelwahed Jalil, Samir Benjelloune, Fattouma Ahyoud, Abdelilah Souadka, Abderahmane Al Bouzidi, Lamiae Gamra, Mohammed Belabas, Said Benomar

Article Angiosarcoma of the breast. Report on 2 cases (p.218-22)
Moulay M’Hamed Melhouf, Nadia Amrani, Joëlle Simony-Lafontaine, Henry Pujol, Jean-Bernard Dubois