Bulletin du Cancer

Bulletin du Cancer

Volume 87, issue 2, Février 2000


Volume 87, issue 2, Février 2000

Gènes et Cancers

Article Fiche n°32 : Gène : ATM (ataxie telangiectasie mutated) - Catégorie : Gène suppresseur de tumeur ? (p.129-30)
Thierry Soussi

Articles originaux

Article Primary chemotherapy with the Rosen T10 protocol before conservative surgery in limb primitive osteosarcomas: results about 56 cases (p.183-8)
Hamouda Boussen, Amor Gamoudi, Olfa Daldoul, Hamadi Ben Hamida, Amel Mezlini, S. Khalfallah, Slah Karray, Khaled Ben Romdhane, Maher Ben Ghachem, Mansour Ben Abdallah, Mongi Douik, Amor Saadi, Farhat Ben Ayed, H. Ben Hassine

Article First line chemotherapy for advanced ovarian cancer in 2000: standards and questions (p.189-99)
Hervé Cure, Jacques Dauplat, Philippe Cholet

Article Descriptive epidemiology of upper aerodigestive tract cancers in the department of Somme (p.201-6)
Jun Peng, Nicole Raverdy, Olivier Gandy, Gilles de La Roche-Saint-André, Alain Dubreuil, Alfred Lorriaux


Article Review of adjuvant breast cancer therapy in nonmenopausal women including early results of medical castration with LH-RH analogs (p.139-44)
Moïse Namer, Alain Ramaioli

Article Role of diagnostic and therapeutic tools in the definition of differentiated thyroid carcinoma (1800-1950) (p.145-54)
Philippe Fragu

Point sur…

Article Ski and SnoN: antagonistic proteins of TGFb signaling (p.135-7)
Marie-Luce Vignais

Standards, Options et Recommandations

Article Standards, Options and Recommendations (SOR): pathology in oncology (p.155-7)
Jean-Jacques Voigt, Thierry Philip

Article Standards, Options and Recommendations (SOR) for redaction of anatomic and surgical pathology reports or cytopathology reports in oncology (p.159-71)
Laurent Arnould, Maryse Fiche, Marie-Pierre Blanc-Vincent, Viviane Le Doussal, Brigitte Zafrani, Guillaume Gory-Delabaere, Marianne Briffod, Philippe Vielh, Jean-Jacques Voigt

Article Standards, Options and Recommendations (SOR): clinical practice guidelines for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of cutaneous melanoma (p.173-82)
Sylvie Négrier, Béatrice Fervers, Christiane Bailly, Véronique Beckendorf, Didier Cupissol, Jean-François Doré, Thierry Dorval, Jean-Rémi Garbay, Catherine Vilmer

Compte rendu de congrès

Article 41e réunion de l’American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (p.207-18)
Georges Noël, Jean-Jacques Mazeron


Article Congrès, enseignements, sites internet en oncologie (p.220-1)