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Bulletin du Cancer

Bulletin du Cancer

Volume 96, issue 5, mai 2009


Volume 96, issue 5, mai 2009

Electronic journal of oncology

Article First-line simplified GEMOX (S-GemOx) versus classical GEMOX in metastatic pancreatic cancer (MPA): results of a GERCOR randomized phase II study (p.10018-22)
P Afchain, B Chibaudel, G Lledo, F Selle, L Bengrine-Lefevre, S Nguyen, J-F Paitel, L Mineur, P Artru, T André, C Louvet

Article Do smoking and polymorphisms in xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes affect the histological stage and grade of bladder tumors? (p.10023-9)
S Ouerhani, K Rouissi, R Marrakchi, M Riadh Ben Slama, M Sfaxi, M Ayed, M Chebil, AB Elgaaied


Article Introduction (p.503)
Brigitte Séradour


Article L’impact des avis diagnostiques donnés en anatomie pathologie (p.505-6)
Béatrice Vergier, Jean-Michel Coindre, Antoine de Mascarel, Nadège Lapeyrere, Marie Parrens, Isabelle Soubeyran


Article Exosomes : des émissaires de la tumeur ciblant les cellules immunitaires de l’organisme (p.507-8)
J Benard

Ce qu’il faut avoir lu

Article Les thérapies ciblées, fondées sur les inhibiteurs de l’angiogenèse tumorale, butent sur un obstacle sérieux (p.509)
C-J Larsen

Article Origine cellulaire des médulloblastomes : rôle des progéniteurs neuronaux CD15+ ? (p.510)
C-J Larsen

Article original

Article Associative commitment and cancer. Results of a sociological study (p.511-7)
S Knobé


Article Breast cancer chemoprevention. Rational, trials results and future (p.519-30)
B Cutuli, A Lesur, M Namer, P Kerbrat

Article Stoutness and prognosis of female non-metastatic breast cancer: results from a French observational cohort study (p.531-41)
B Majed, T Moreau, K Senouci, B Sigal, RJ Salmon, A Fourquet, B Asselain

Article Importance of the physical activity in the prevention of the breast cancer (p.543-51)
C Maître

Article Targeted therapies in hepatocellular carcinomas: recent results and future development (p.553-61)
H Marijon, S Faivre, E Raymond

Article Influence of comorbidities on decision caring of malignant haematological diseases (p.563-70)
A Najman, K Andre, N-C Gorin

Article Assessing the quality of life of young women and their partners: a pertinent approach to the study of breast cancer (p.571-7)
E Fournier, V Christophe, L Vanlemmens

Article Prescription guidebook for temozolomide usage in brain tumors (p.579-89)
P Tilleul, M Brignone, Y Hassani, L Taillandier, S Taillibert, S Cartalat-Carel, I Borget, O Chinot

Article Validation of surrogate endpoints in digestive oncology (p.591-5)
N Methy, L Bedenne, F Bonnetain

Article Tumor Marker CA125: biochemical and molecular properties (p.597-601)
H Bouanène, A Miled

Article Conducting a cost-effectiveness trial in oncology: justification and method (p.603-7)
C Lejeune, C Binquet, F Bonnetain

Article Implementation of palliative care in Ivory Coast (p.609-14)
J Didi-Kouko Coulibaly, A-M Datie, R Binlin-Dadie, I Kouame, ZC N’Guessan, M-C Barouan, E Koffi, I Coulibaly, J Mensah, H Memain Yenou, E Dedomey, KA Echimane, KJ Plo, B Kouassi

Article Malnutrition in cancer patient: when to have a specialized consultation? (p.615-23)
S Antoun, V Baracos

Retour de congrès

Article Minutes of the 50th meeting of the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO), Boston (USA), September 21-25 2008 (p.625-31)
R Mazeron, J-J Mazeron