Bulletin du Cancer

Bulletin du Cancer

Volume 85, issue 9, Septembre 1998


Volume 85, issue 9, Septembre 1998

Articles originaux

Article Multicellular resistance: another mechanism for multidrug resistance? (p.785-93)
Bernard Desoize, Delphine Gimonet, Jean-Claude Jardillier

Article Mitomycin-vinorelbine as second line chemotherapy in metastatic breast cancer (p.794-8)
Hugues Bourgeois, François Turpin, Mohamed Bouchada, Anne Volters, Frédérique Cvitkovic, Alain Goupil, Maud Janvier, Michèle Tubiana-Hulin, Patrick Soulié, Jacques Berlie, Monique Girard, Jacques Rouëssé

Article Surgery of lung metastases of breast cancer: analysis of 40 cases (p.799-802)
Alain Livartowski, Alain Chapelier, Philippe Beuzedoc, Arnaud Dierick, Bernard Asselain, Philippe Dartevelle, Pierre Pouillart

Article What do gastroenterologists, surgeons and oncologists tell patients with colon cancer ? Results of a survey from the Northern France area (p.803-8)
Antoine Adenis, Philippe Vennin, Bernard Hecquet


Article Cylin/CDK inhibitors of the 9p21 chromosomal region and hematological malignancies (p.747-54)
Bruno Quesnel

Article Remaining indications for total mastectomy in breast carcinoma (p.755-62)
Béatrice Wéber, Liliane Demange, Claude Rigaud, Arsenio Fernandes-Valoni

Article Unsolved questions about conservative treatment of infiltrating breast carcinoma (p.763-72)
Cécile Zinzindohoué, Jean-Yves Bobin

Article Squamous cell carcinoma of the penis (p.773-84)
Jean-Charles Soria, Christine Théodore, Alain Gerbaulet

Point sur…

Article How many cancers are cured? (p.745-6)
Catherine Hill

Compte rendu de congrès

Article Molecular mechanisms of apoptosis regulation (p.809)
Sandrine Faivre

Note technique

Article Le volume de distribution (p.813)
Brigitte Tranchand, Claude-Joseph Ardiet