Bulletin du Cancer

Bulletin du Cancer

Volume 84, issue 11, Novembre 1997


Volume 84, issue 11, Novembre 1997

Articles originaux

Article Relationships between p53 induction, cell cycle arrest and survival of normal human fibroblasts following DNA damage (p.1007-16)
Jocelyn Ceraline, Gaël Deplanque, Brigitte Duclos, Jean-Marc Limacher, Florence Vincent, Stéphane Goldblum, Jean-Pierre Bergerat

Article Interactions of biospecific polymers with MCF7 cells: modulation of cellular proliferation and expression of estrogen receptors (p.1017-23)
Patricia Mestries, Patrick Kern, Thierry Avramoglou

Article Cancer incidence among active woman workers at Electricité de France Gaz de France (p.1025)
Corinne Garillon, Anne Chevalier, Barbara Marschall, Catherine Godard, Hélène Colombani, Bertrand Callet, François Coing

Article Evaluation of the diagnosis usefulness of OC125 immunoscintigraphy for ovarian carcinomas follow-up after treatment: contribution of this technique in the CHU of Grenoble (p.1033-42)
Jean-Philippe Vuillez, Evelyne Levrot, Mireille Mousseau, Pierre-Denis Buffaz, Michel Bolla, Raoul Payan, Michel Comet, René Schaerer

Article Adenovirus-mediated gene therapy of experimental glioma in the rat (p.1047-52)
Véronique Quillien, Nathalie Heresbach Le Berre, Thierry Dufour, Annick Denais, Yvon Guegan, Nicolas Ferry, Véronique Bloin


Article Recent progress on the role of APC protein in the origin of colorectal cancer (p.1053-60)
Charlyne Bonneton, Lionel Larue, Jean-Paul Thierry

Article What’s new about microsatellite instability significance in human carcinogenesis? (p.1061-71)
Catherine Vaurs, Yves-Jean Bignon

Article Stereotatic fine-needle aspirations for clinically latent breast cysts: an efficient and neat procedure (p.1073-8)
Béatrice Barreau, Marie-Hélène Dilhuydy, Gaétan Mac Grogan, Corinne Henriques, Marianne Fontanges, Anne Valat, Jean Palussière, Marc Blanié

Point sur…

Article Angiopoïetin, a new molecular actor involved in vascular tree morphogenesis (p.1079)
Bernard Vandenbunder

Article p73: a new kin to p53 (p.1081)
Daniel Caput

Note technique

Article Plasmatic half-life (p.1083)
François Lokiec