Bulletin du Cancer

Bulletin du Cancer

Volume 84, issue 10, Octobre 1997


Volume 84, issue 10, Octobre 1997

Articles originaux

Article Physiotherapy after surgery for breast cancer (p.0)
Béatrice Le Vu, Annie Dumortier, Marie-Viviane Guillaume, Hélène Mouriesse, Lise Barreau-Pouhaer

Article Assessment of procarbazine, vincristine and lomustine (PCV) association for recurrent oligodendroglioma and mixed glioma (p.0)
Eric Bouffet, Françoise Mornex, Anne Jouvet, Philippe Thiesse, Patrick Merteins, Sylvie Helfre, Marc Sindou, Philippe Bret

Article Cytotoxicity and interaction with topoisomerase II of amsacrine derivatives: influence of the 1’ substituent on the aniline moiety (p.0)
Brigitte René, Philippe Fossé, Tayeb Khélifa, Alain Jacquemin-Sablon, Christian Bailly

Article Female genital tract and breast cancers in France: geographic répartition and estimation of the incidence (p.0)
Gilles Chaplain, Pascale Grosclaude, Patrick Arveux, Nicole Raverdy, François Menegoz, Michel Henry-Amar, Paul Schaffer, Jean-Pierre Daures, Florent de Vathaire


Article Are there any arguments to proscribe hormone replacement therapy in women treated for ovarian adenocarcinoma? (p.0)
Catherine Lhommé, Suzette Delaloge, Emmanuel Gonçalves, Virginia Taléa, Patricia Pautier

Article Tracking the gatekeeper gene in bladder tumorigenesis steps (p.0)
Eric Baud, Pierre Catilina, Yves-Jean Bignon

Article Telomeres, telomerase and cancer (p.0)
Jean-Charles Soria, Olivier Rixe

Article Primary non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma of the brain in non-immunosuppressed patients (p.0)
Jean-Yves Blay

Point sur…

Article Identification of the multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 (MEN1) gene (p.0)
Alain Calender

Article Is there a need for induction treatment of operable cardia cancers? (p.0)
Marc Ychou

Article Comments on ASCO recommendations for posttreatment follow-up of breast cancer patients (p.0)
Pierre Kerbrat, Brigitte Laguerre, Claudia Lefeuvre