Bulletin du Cancer

Bulletin du Cancer

Volume 94, issue 9, Septembre 2007


Volume 94, issue 9, Septembre 2007


Article Actualités suisses romandes en oncologie (p.749-50)
René-Olivier Mirimanoff


Article Anti-angiogenic therapies in cancer : achievements and open questions (p.753-62)
Curzio Ruegg, Nicole Mutter

Article Application of molecular modeling to new therapeutic cancer approaches (p.763-8)
Olivier Michielin

Article Role of MGMT and clinical applications in brain tumours (p.769-73)
Christophe Paus, Anastasia Murat, Roger Stupp, Luca Regli, Monika Hegi

Article Cancer epidemiology and trends in Switzerland (p.775-80)
Fabio Levi, Carlo La Vecchia

Article Detection of chromosomal abnormalities in soft tissue sarcomas : which sarcomas ? which abnormalities ? how ? why ? (p.781-92)
Muriel Genevay, Carole Gengler, Louis Guillou

Article Immunotherapy: a new alternative treatment for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (p.793-7)
Luc Bron, Pedro Romero

Article Radioimmunotherapy of follicular lymphoma: a step towards cure ? (p.799-806)
Nicolas Ketterer, Angelika Bischof Delaloye, Claudine Helg, François Luthi, Franz Buchegger

Article Proton beam therapy : clinical indications and summary of the Swiss experience (p.807-15)
Damien Charles Weber, René-Olivier Mirimanoff, Raymond Miralbell

Article A practical guide for the management of gliomas (p.817-22)
Roger Stupp, Alessia Pica, René O Mirimanoff, Olivier Michielin

Article Adjuvant treatment of head and neck cancers: advances and challenges (p.823-7)
Jacques Bernier

Article Radio-chemotherapy in head and neck cancer (EGFR+) (p.828-32)
Mahmut Ozsahin, Oscar Matzinger, Michel Zimmermann, Abderrahim Zouhair

Article Skin-sparing mastectomy and immediate breast reconstruction (p.833-40)
Georges Vlastos, Badwi Elias, Oanna Meyer, Yves Harder, Pierre Schäfer, Brigitte Pittet

Article Psychological support of cancer patients in the oncological consultation (p.841-5)
Friedrich Stiefel, Ingrid Rousselle, Patrice Guex, Mathieu Bernard