Bulletin du Cancer

Bulletin du Cancer

Volume 94, supplement 5, numéro spécial, juillet 2007



Volume 94, supplement 5, numéro spécial, juillet 2007


Article Angiogenèse (p.159)
Gilles L’Allemain, Jean-Charles Soria


Article Hypoxia and angiogenesis (p.160-5)
Jean-Marc Simon

Article Experimental approaches to study in vivo angiogenesis (p.166-9)
Witold Kilarski, Andreas Bikfalvi

Article Genetics and angiogenesis: the example of von Hippel-Lindau disease (p.170-9)
Stéphane Richard, Charline Ladroue, Sophie Gad, Sophie Giraud, Betty Gardie

Article Oral drugs inhibiting the VEGF pathway (p.180-90)
Stanislas Ropert, Olivier Mir, Jean-Pierre Armand

Article Are antiangiogenic antibodies universal for solid tumor? (p.191-6)
Isabelle Ray-Coquard, Thomas Bachelot, Chadi Saba, Cyrille Confavreux, Jean-François Brantus, Fadi Rustam, Hervé Ghesquière, Catherine Sebban, Pierre Biron, Jean-Paul Guastalla, Jean-Yves Blay

Article Angiogenesis and radiotherapy (vessels, anaemia, oxygen and radiosensitivity) (p.197-202)
Éric Lartigau

Article Angiogenesis and breast cancer (p.203-10)
Thomas Bachelot, Isabelle Ray-Coquard, Philippe Cassier, Jean-Yves Blay

Article Anti-angiogenic treatment and colorectal cancer (p.211-9)
Thierry André, Christophe Tournigand, Fadi Abbas, Christophe Louvet, Aimery de Gramont

Article Angiogenesis and lung cancer (p.220-31)
Maurice Pérol, Dominique Arpin

Article Angiogenesis and renal cell carcinoma (p.232-40)
Bertrand Billemont, Jean-Baptiste Méric, Hassan Izzedine, Laurent Taillade, Valentine Sultan-Amar, Olivier Rixe

Article Angiogenesis and hematologic malignancy (p.241-6)
Jean-Marc Zini, Gérard Tobelem

Article Imaging and angiogenesis : DCE-US (dynamic contrast enhanced-ultrasonography) (p.247-53)
Nathalie Lassau, Alain Roche

Article Circulating endothelial cells: biomarkers for monitoring activity of antiangiogenic therapy (p.254-9)
Françoise Farace, Jean-Michel Bidart

Article Cutaneous side effects of antiangiogenic agents (p.260-4)
Caroline Robert