Bulletin du Cancer

Bulletin du Cancer

Volume 87, issue 7-8, Numéro double 7 - 8, Juillet -Août 2000


Volume 87, issue 7-8, Numéro double 7 - 8, Juillet -Août 2000


Article Leiomyosarcoma of the right ventricle (p.547-50)
Bernard Ceccaldi, Louis-Marie Dourthe, Jean-Marie Garcin, Bertrand Vergeau, Xavier Chanudet, Pierre Larroque

Article New trends in assessment in anticancer treatments by phase II clinical trials (p.551-6)
Jacques R. Medioni, Yann de Rycke, Bernard Asselain

Point sur…

Article Invovlement of ephrins and their receptors in oncogenesis (p.529-30)
Gilles L’Allemain

Article JM216, an orally active platine derivative (p.531-6)
Amélie Lansiaux, Christian Bailly


Article Dependence receptors as links between apoptosis, nervous system development and control of tumorigenesis (p.537-41)
Patrick Mehlen, Dale E. Bredesen

Article Introduction to regression models (p.543-5)
Catherine Hill

Standards, Options et Recommandations

Article Standards, Options and Recommendations (SOR) for the surveillance and the prevention of cross infections in oncology (p.557-91)
éatrice Pottecher, Raoul Herbrecht, Marie-Pierre Blanc-Vincent, Véronique Bussy Malgrange, Marie-Christine Escande, Christine Fuhrmann, Françoise Crokaert, Guillaume Gory-Delabaere, Jean-Marcel Senet, Thierry Lesimple, Jacques Raveneau, Jacqueline Béal, Pierre Biron, Michèle Viot

Articles originaux

Article Incidence of colorectal cancer in Bas-Rhin, trend and prediction in 2009 (p.595-9)
Daniel Eilstein, Guy Hédelin, Paul Schaffer

Article Interest of periareolar injection for colorimetric detection of sentinel node in breast cancer (p.600-3)
Hervé Mignotte, Isabelle Treilleux, Catherine Chassagne-Clément, Caroline Bem, Roberto Lopez, Xavier Martin, Alain Brémond

Tribune libre

Article Rectal carcinoma: critique of surgical reason and other things that must be said… (p.604-7)
Serge Evrard