Bulletin du Cancer

Bulletin du Cancer

Volume 92, issue 12, Décembre 2005


Volume 92, issue 12, Décembre 2005

Electronic journal of oncology

Article Randomization, informed consent and physicians’ communication skills in pediatric oncology: a delicate balance (p.10067-9)
Luisa M Massimo, Thomas J Wiley


Article Chimioradiothérapie (p.1025-6)
Jean-Jacques Mazeron

Dossier thématique

Article Biological basis for concomitant chemoradiotherapy in carcinomas (p.1027-31)
Vincent Favaudon, Georges Noël

Article Concomitant chemoradiation in patients with cervix cancer (p.1032-8)
Christine Haie-Meder, Renaud de Crevoisier, Antoine Bruna, Catherine Lhommé, Patricia Pautier, Philippe Morice, Damienne Castaigne, Jean Bourhis

Article Chemoradiotherapy and anal canal cancer (p.1039-47)
Cécile Ortholan, Éric François, Jean-Pierre Gérard

Article Concurrent chemoradiation in lung cancer (p.1048-64)
Nicolas Girard, Françoise Mornex

Article Concomitant radiotherapy with chemotherapy in patients with glioblastoma (p.1065-72)
Alexandra Benouaich-Amiel, Jean-Marc Simon, Jean-Yves Delattre

Article Chemoradiation in bladder cancer (p.1073-7)
Catherine Durdux

Article Combined radiotherapy and hormone therapy in non metastatic adenocarcinoma of prostate (p.1078-84)
Jean-Jacques Mazeron, Jean-Marc Simon, Thierry Toubiana, Philippe Lang

Article Targeted therapies and radiotherapy (p.1085-92)
Christophe Hennequin, Nicole Giocanti, Vincent Favaudon

SOR SAVOIR PATIENT Démarches sociales et cancer

Article Social aspects and cancer : Information dedicated to cancer patients and relatives (p.1093-113)
Jean-Marie Dilhuydy, Marie-Hélène Monira, Jeanine Dupré, Joëlle Ménager, Sylvie Brusco, Maryse Bombail, Michèle Lecavelier, Dominique Clairet, Catherine Galy, Marie Malherbe, Julien Carretier, Line Leichtnam-Dugarin, Valérie Delavigne, Béatrice Fervers, Thierry Philip

Compte rendu de congrès

Article 47th meeting of the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (Astro) (p.1115-9)
Jean-Jacques Mazeron