Bulletin du Cancer

Bulletin du Cancer

Volume 92, issue 11, Novembre 2005


Volume 92, issue 11, Novembre 2005

tribune libre

Article Advanced ovarian cancer: a need for redefining therapeutic objectives and strategy (p.1003-6)
Roland Bugat, Jean-Paul Guastalla, Jean-Louis Misset

Article How to consider cancer: implications for the risk due to ionizing radiation (p.1007-15)
Jean Piechowski

Electronic journal of oncology

Article Ethical issues in pediatric oncology phase I-II trials based on a mother’s point of view (p.57-60)
D Oppenheim, B Geoerger, O Hartmann

Article Proteasome inhibition: a new approach for the treatment of malignancies (p.61-6)
Jean-Philippe Spano, Jacques-Olivier Bay, Jean-Yves Blay, Olivier Rixe


Article Ai‐je bien lu ? (p.1016-7)
Maurice Schneider


Article Prix Nobel de médecine 2005 : derrière le stress, il y avait une bactérie (p.929)
Philippe Jeanteur

GÈnes & Cancers

Article GÈne RASSF1 ( Ras association domain family protein 1) CatÉgorie gÈne suppresseur de tumeur (p.931-2)


Article p53, p63, p73 : un véritable air de famille, enfin  ¡ (p.933-4)
Sétha Douc‐Rasy et Jean Bénard


Article New insights into cytotoxic effector cells (p.935-43)
J Rey, D Olive, G Sébahoun, T O’Callaghan, Régis T Costello

Article Proteasome inhibition: a new therapeutic approach in malignancies (p.945-52)
Jean-Philippe Spano, Jacques-Olivier Bay, Jean-Yves Blay, Olivier Rixe

Article Management of rectal cancer in pregnant women (p.953-8)
Hugo Pigeau, Pierre-François Dupré, Jaafar Benouna, Jean-Marie Classe, Raphaëlle Pioud, Marc Audré Mahé, François Dravet

Article Asbestos and malignant pleural mesothelioma: molecular, cellular and physiopathological aspects (p.959-76)
Steve Mohr, Gérard Keith, Bertrand Rihn

article original

Article Nasopharyngeal carcinoma in Tunisian children: retrospective epidemiological, clinical and biological study about 48 cases (p.977-81)
Aouatef Jmal, Hammouda Boussen, Abderraouf Ghanem, Hajer Abaza, Sonia Gara, Hayet Douik, Latifa Harzallah, Farouk Benna, Abderrahmen Ladgham, Fethi Guemira

Article Breast adenocarcinoma: critical analysis of sentinel lymph node histopathological results of 542 procedures (p.983-7)
Marie-Christine Baranzelli, Sylvia Giard, Véronique Cabaret, Marie-Pierre Chauvet, Yves-Marie Robin, Marie-Odile Vilain, Philippe Carpentier, Yazid Belkacémi, Jacques Bonneterre

Article Retrospective study of a series of 26 carcinomatous meningitis secondary to lung cancer (p.989-94)
Valérie Hammerer, Gabrielle Pauli, Élisabeth Quoix

Article Economic evaluation of the new national breast cancer screening programme in France: application to the Bouche-du-Rhone district (p.995-1001)
Roch Giorgi, Julie Reynaud, Suzanne Wait, Brigitte Seradour