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Bulletin du Cancer


2008 Update of Standards, Options: Recommendations for management of patients with salivary gland malignant tumours (excluding lymphoma, sarcoma and melanoma), summary report Volume 95, issue 7, juillet-août 2008

Oncologue radiothérapeute, Centre Antoine-Lacassagne, Nice (coordonnateur), Chirurgien ORL cervico-facial et maxillofacial, Centre Antoine-Lacassagne, Nice, Méthodologiste SOR-chef de projet, Institut National du Cancer, Boulogne-Billancourt

The « Standards, Options : Recommendations » (SOR) project has been undertaken by the French National Federation of Cancer Centers (FNCLCC) is now part of the French National Cancer Institute. The project involves the development and updating of evidence-based Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) in oncology. This paper is a summary version of the full clinical practice guideline presenting the updated recommendations for management of patients with salivary gland malignant tumours. Recommendations on radiotherapy have been updated to underline new Options on more and more accessible emerging techniques including intensity-modulated radiotherapy, 3D conformational radiotherapy, Cyberknife, tomotherapy, protontherapy and particle accelerators producing carbon ions (e.g. last generation hadrontherapy).