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Bulletin du Cancer


Locoregional recurrence of cervical and endometrial carcinoma: place of surgical resection Volume 92, issue 9, Septembre 2005


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Institut Paoli-Calmettes, département de chirurgie oncologique, 232, bd Sainte-Marguerite, Marseille Cedex 9

Locoregional recurrences are frequently larger in case of cervical carcinoma than endometrial carcinoma, classically localized on the upper third of the vagina. Consequently, the place of surgical resection appears to be more important in case of cervical carcinoma recurrence. Furthermore, surgery remains frequently the only curative treatment. However, after a similar local and general staging, surgical resection required is for the most part a pelvic exenteration using procedure of pelvic reconstruction. Postoperative mortality, morbidity and survival results were analyzed. Surgical strategies were proposed after assessment of recurrence type, size and localization and analyze of initial treatment.