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L'Orthodontie Française

L'Orthodontie Française

Volume 86, issue 1, Mars 2015


Volume 86, issue 1, Mars 2015


Article Avant propos (p.1)
Olivier Esnault, Guillaume Joseph

Rapport Article original

Article Orthognathic surgery: from the essential to the superfluous (p.3-15)
Catherine Galletti

Article Thirty years of working friendship (p.17-22)
Jean-Michel Brunel, Claude Garcia

Article The orthodontic surgical approach revisited (p.23-30)
Joseph Ghoubril, Roland Kmeid, Rania Nassar, Elie Amm, Marwan Mansour, Roula Akl

Article How to efficiently inform and take care of a patient for orthognathic surgery? (p.31-8)
Edmond Binhas

Article First-line surgery : indications, advantages and drawbacks (p.39-65)
Michel Le Gall, Rémi Mattera, François Cheynet

Article Management of the maxillary transverse discrepancies (p.67-72)
Ludovic Caquant

Article Orthognathic mandibular osteotomy and condyle positioning: update and innovation (p.73-81)
Mathieu Laurentjoye, Jérôme Charton, Marie-José Boileau

Article Front Block distraction (p.83-93)
Olivier Esnault

Article Muscle and function management by the physiotherapist in orthodontic and orthodonto-surgical treatment. Oral myofunctional rehabilitation (p.95-111)
Marion Girard, Claire Leroux

Article Bone formation and corticotomy-induced accelerated bone remodeling: can alveolar corticotomy induce bone formation? (p.113-20)
Nathan Moreau, Jean-Baptiste Charrier

Article original

Article J’ai lu pour vous (p.121-2)
Georges Rozencweig

In Memoriam

Article Hommage à Jean-Ennemond HESKIA (p.123-4)
François Brunner, Marcel Patrice-Dousseau