L'Orthodontie Française


The orthodontic surgical approach revisited Volume 86, issue 1, Mars 2015

* Auteur pour correspondance : joseph.ghoubril@usj.edu.lb

An adequate orthodontic preparation is a key to success of every orthognatic surgery. Therefore, the detection and the correction of the existing dentoalveolar compensation tend to favor the correction of the skeletal defects. The pre-surgical orthodontic goals have to be defined at the beginning of the treatment, thus, not always achieving a complete leveling of the arches, nor a final space closure and ideal intercuspation. The orthodontic preparation aims to guide the surgical skeletal displacements. Many dentoalveolar compensations can be identified as specific to different types of malocclusion. Accordingly, an adequate individualized planning and a good coordination between both orthodontist and surgeon, are of a major importance, in order to avoid unexpected traps during orthodontic pre-surgical preparation.