L'Orthodontie Française


How to efficiently inform and take care of a patient for orthognathic surgery? Volume 86, issue 1, Mars 2015

* Auteur pour correspondance : e.binhas@binhas.com

Orthognathic surgery tends to grow in recent years. However, it is often a confusing and frightening notion in the minds of many patients. Orthodontists, on their sides, are reluctant to offer it because they are not comfortable with the action to be taken. How to establish a relationship of trust with a patient? What are their issues? How gently announce the surgery? How to coordinate multidisciplinary approach? Questions that the author attempts to shed light on. He delivers tools for detailed and thorough preoperative planning, always with the objective of professional guidance of the patient. The orthodontist will thus be better prepared to deal with the subject of safely orthognathic surgery.