Revue de neuropsychologie


Cognitive remediation, car driving, and recovery: A case study Volume 15, issue 4, Octobre-Novembre-Décembre 2023

1 Centre de réhabilitation psychosociale et remédiation cognitive, CH de Thuir, 6 rue Benoît Fourneyron, 66000 Perpignan, France
2 Équipe de soins, de coordination et d’accompagnement des processus psychotiques émergents, Centre hospitalier de Thuir
* Correspondance : B. Azzopardi

Recovery is a process by which people suffering from psychiatric disorders move toward a realization of a project allowing them to achieve personal fulfillment. The tools of psychosocial rehabilitation, such as cognitive remediation, are used to accompany and help people in their recovery process by offering them support in carrying out their personal project. In our Western societies, access to car driving is a major asset that promotes autonomy, social participation, and inclusion in society. The presence of psychiatric disorders may be associated with cognitive difficulties that can constitute an obstacle to access to driving a car. This is why obtaining a driving license is frequently one of the personal objectives expressed by people with mental disabilities. Here, we present the illustration of two cognitive remediation processes aimed at promoting access to a driving license and therefore at supporting people in their recovery process.