Revue de neuropsychologie

Revue de neuropsychologie

Neuropsychologie is the official organ of the Society of Neuropsychology French Language, is the witness of the progress of knowledge in the french community.
It publishes scientific articles assessed by peers in the form of original contributions, review articles and methodological notes.
The journal covers all fields of neuropsychology, from its most theoretical to its practical appilcations.It constitutes the communication tool of the privileged life of our Society.


Editorial policy

Here you will find all JLE policies regarding publication in our journals. JLE journals follow the recommendations of the ICMJE (International Committee of Medical Journal Editors). These guidelines are the reference for best practices and ethical standards for the conduct and presentation of research and other information published in medical journals.


Version française de notre politique éditoriale

The Revue de neuropsychologie is an international French language peer-reviewed journal, published quarterly.

The articles submitted must not have been the subject of a previous publication. The accepted and published articles become the property of the editor and cannot be reproduced (partly or entirely) without his preliminary authorization.

They are submitted exclusively through the platform dedicated to Revue de neuropsychologie: https://nrp.manuscriptmanager.net

The Revue de neuropsychologie publishes various types of articles: Editorial, news, point of view, original article, article of synthesis, mini-review, methodological article, life of the Society of neuropsychology of French language (SNLF).



It is written by the chief editor, an associate editor or exceptionally by a guest editor

Point of view

This short article (10-15 000 signs including space approximately) is written by an expert of international reputation at the request of a member of the editorial board or on proposal of the author. This article presents an emerging theme, new results or new concepts likely to have important repercussions for the discipline, both theoretically and in their applications.

Original article

Original contributions in all fields of neuropsychology (children and adults) ranging from cognitive sciences (neuroimaging, electro-physiology...) to clinical neuropsychology (case studies...)


Several articles are sometimes grouped together in the form of thematic dossiers.


These short articles insist on the recent advances in a field.

Methodological article

This may be about assessment, revalidation or patient management procedures.

In addition, this article may be accompanied by material that will only appear on the journal's website. The files to be provided should preferably be in pdf format. The publisher John Libbey Eurotext will examine the technical modalities of this online material.

Life of the Société de neuropsychologie de langue française (SNLF)

This heading is coordinated by the general secretary of the SNLF and gives all the useful information on the life of the Society and the events to come.

Presentation of the articles and format

(Original article, review article, mini-review, methodological article)

Original article, review article: 15 to 20 pages (5 figures, 4 tables and 30 references maximum).

Mini-review and methodological article: 10 pages maximum (with 2 figures, 2 tables and 10 references maximum).

The number of pages indicated above includes typed pages (double-spaced, Word docx or rtf text files) and includes text, boxes, figure legends and references.

The first page must include, in order, the heading, the title in French, the title in English, the short title, the first names and surnames of the authors, the address(es) of the author(s), as well as the precise address of the corresponding author (with telephone numbers, e-mail address).

These articles must be accompanied by :

– a summary in French of no more than 200 words, written to provide a quick overview of the questions asked, the objectives pursued and the results obtained;

– a summary in English of 300 words maximum, aimed at providing a more detailed knowledge of the article;

– 3 to 5 key words in French and English chosen from the MedLine thesaurus (MeSH).


They must be classified according to their order of appearance in the text and referred to in the text by their number placed between square brackets. They must mention the names of the first 3 authors et al. They must indicate in order :

For journal articles: Names of authors followed by the initials of their first names. Title of the article. Name of the journal in italics and abbreviated according to the style of Index Medicus (no punctuation after the abbreviations) year; volume: first and last page of the article.
Ex. : Eustache F, Laisney M, Lalevée C, Pèlerin A, Desgranges B. L’épreuve de mémoire épisodique ESR-forme réduite : nouveaux résultats et observations cliniques. Rev Neuropsychol 2022 ; 14 (3) : 215-223.

For book articles: Names and initials of authors. Title of the article (in the original language). In: Names and initials of authors/editors. Title of book in italics. City: name of the publisher, year of publication: first and last page of the article.
Ex. : Bellaj T, Le Gall D. L’évaluation neuropsychologique dans le contexte du Maghreb. In : Amieva H, Belin C, Maillet D (eds). L’évaluation neuropsychologique. De la norme à l’exception. Bruxelles : De Boeck supérieur, 2016. p. 165-90.

– For books: Names and initials of authors/editors. Title of the book in italics. City: name of the publisher, year of publication.
Ex. : Eustache F, Desgranges B. Les nouveaux chemins de la mémoire. Paris : Le Pommier, 2020.

Tables and figures

Tables are provided on separate pages, should be captioned, called out in the text and numbered in order of appearance.

Figures are provided on separate pages and in separate files (jpg, tiff or other high quality image format), are called out in the text and numbered. All captions will be on a separate page at the end of the article.

Copyright: please ensure that you have the rights for any reproduction (diagrams, images, figures, tables...). If this is not the case, please obtain a written agreement and send it to us before publication and mention the sources in the legend.

Links of interest

Authors undertake to declare any links of interest (financial, occasional interventions, family relationships, etc.) that may influence their professional judgement.


Digital proofs (pdf format) are sent to the author. Corrections are requested within 3 to 5 days of receipt and should be limited to typographical corrections.


The corresponding author will receive an electronic reprint of his/her article. An order form for offprints is sent to the corresponding author together with the proofs.

Open access

We offer you the possibility to increase the visibility of your article online by making it accessible to all via the Open Access option (400 €): https://www.jle.com/fr/revues/nrp/open-access


The Editorial Board thanks the authors for their contribution to the Revue de neuropsychologie.