Revue de neuropsychologie

Revue de neuropsychologie

Neuropsychologie is the official organ of the Society of Neuropsychology French Language, is the witness of the progress of knowledge in the french community.
It publishes scientific articles assessed by peers in the form of original contributions, review articles and methodological notes.
The journal covers all fields of neuropsychology, from its most theoretical to its practical appilcations.It constitutes the communication tool of the privileged life of our Society.



Mickaël Laisney – mickael.laisney@unicaen.fr


Head of section "Vie de la SNLF"

Hélène Amieva – helene.amieva@u-bordeaux.fr


Editorial board

Philippe Allain – philippe.allain@univ-angers.fr

Hélène Amieva – helene.amieva@u-bordeaux.fr

Ana Inés Ansaldo – ana.ines.ansaldo@umontreal.ca

Serge Belliard – serge.belliard@chu-rennes.fr

Sylvie Chokron – sylvie.chokron@gmail.com

Fabienne Collette – f.collette@ulg.ac.be

Jean-François Démonet – jf.demonet@gmail.com

Francis Eustache – francis.eustache@unicaen.fr

Sylvane Faure – sylvane.faure@unice.fr

Bénédicte Giffard – benedicte.giffard@unicaen.fr

Olivier Godefroy – godefroy.olivier@chu-amiens.fr

Sven Joubert – sven.joubert@umontreal.ca

Olivier Martinaud – martinaud-o@chu-caen.fr    

Julie Péron – julie.a.peron@gmail.com

Martine Roussel – roussel.martine@chu-amiens.fr

Arnaud Saj – arnaud.saj@umontreal.ca

Catherine Thomas-Antérion – c.thomas-anterion@orange.fr

Claire Vallat-Azouvi – claire.vallat-azouvi@univ-paris8.fr

Fausto Viader – viader@free.fr