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MT / médecine de la reproduction, gynécologie et endocrinologie

Impact of bariatric surgery on fertility Volume 13, numéro 4, Octobre-Décembre 2011

Résumé : Obesity is an increasingly serious public health issue, especially in childbearing women and men. Weight loss is strongly recommended before planning a pregnancy in order to increase fertility and decrease obstetrical, maternal, and fetal complications. Bariatric surgery is an efficient therapeutic tool, which can deeply, quickly, persistently decrease the weight. Bariatric surgery has been shown to fix comorbidities and mortality. Recent data underline positive effects on menstrual cycles and maternofetal complications after bariatric surgery. However, few studies show that one of the consequences of bariatric surgery, nutritional deficiencies, may impact on fertility and fetal development. Finally, long-term health of the offspring conceived before or after surgery must be investigated.