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Médecine de la Reproduction

Médecine de la Reproduction

Volume 20, issue 2, Avril-Mai-Juin 2018


Volume 20, issue 2, Avril-Mai-Juin 2018


Article ART in a viral context; how to prevent transmission to all the actors concerned: a necessary support multidisciplinary (p.80)
Lise Selleret, Jean-Marie Antoine


Article Legal and logistic aspects of Assisted Reproductive Technologies in a viral risk context (p.81-8)
Johanna Lousqui, Marie-Astrid Llabador-de Royer, Catherine Patrat

Article Testicular biopsy modalities in viral infection context (p.89-94)
Rahaf Haj Hamid, Charlotte Dupont

Article Current issues about VIH and HTLV-1 infection and their treatment (p.95-103)
Marie-Gisèle Lebrette, Corinne Amiel

Article Is there still a place for ART for HIV treated patients? (p.104-8)
Ana Canestri

Article Why, when and how to use fresh semen of HIV men? (p.109-17)
Xavier Ferraretto, Anne-Sophie Gille, Lucile Ferreux, Emmanuel Dulioust

Article Hepatitis B: management and treatment by the hepatologist during assisted reproductive technique (p.118-22)
Anne Gervais

Article Impact on MPA of improvement and reimbursement of hepatitis C treatment (p.123-9)
Xavier Amiot, Mathilde Roche, Catherine Dong, David Ancel

Article Why are the results of ART in the viral context lower than those of classical ART? (p.130-5)
Rahaf Haj Hamid, Naouel Ahdad Yata, Lise Selleret

Article Maternal infection with Zika virus: risks for pregnancy and for the child (p.136-44)
Paul Maurice

Article Zika virus epidemiology: history and evolution (p.145-52)
Ségolène Brichler

Article Assisted reproductive technologies in a couple at risk for ZIKV infection (p.153-60)
Nathalie Sermondade


Article Place of selective salpingography with tubal cannulation in the management of the infertile couple (p.161-7)
Paul Billet, Jean-Claude Emperaire


Article Le microbiome testiculaire des hommes azoospermiques : première preuve de l’impact d’une altération du microenvironnement (p.168-71)
Jacqueline Mandelbaum