Sexual violence and other violent acts against women Volume 10, issue 6, Juin 2014


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Groupe de travail sur la formation médicale initiale de la Mission Interministérielle pour la Protection des Femmes contre les violences et la lutte contre la traite des êtres humains, MIPROF

Violence against women are “legitimized” by a sexist ideology of domination. Their frequency is evaluated every year in France by the National Board of crime and criminal responses (ONDRP). A difference is made between violence against women within the couple (defined by law) and those that occur “outside home”. Psychological and somatic consequences are frequent and deadly. Children who are victims and witnesses are children in danger. The easiest way to identify sexual violence is to think and systematically ask about it. A forensic examination provided by a forensic service after a justice requisition or by any physician ends with the delivery of a certificate of assault with a detailed evaluation of the duration of temporary total disability for work. The orientation in the social and legal support network is needed. Dealing with the consequences of violence against women often requires specialized care.