Is the number of medical appointments during the year before an objective clue of somatoform disorders? Volume 15, issue 5, Mai 2019

1 Interne de médecine générale
2 Médecin généraliste, membre titulaire de la SFMG, 32 bd Abbé Frémont 86000 Poitiers
3 Chef de clinique en Épidémiologie, Économie de la santé et Prévention, CHU de Poitiers, rue de la Milétrie. 86000 Poitiers
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The primary care physician organizes his clinical thought according to the frequency of the diseases. He would consider at first sight the less rare assumptions. The concept of elimination diagnosis is therefore time-consuming and regularly anxiety-provoking for patients. This is the case of psychosomatic disorders that represent more than a third of etiologies. Benefit from an objective clinical sign, easy to observe, would be precious to dare to evoke more serenely this frequent etiology. This study focused on whether the number of consultations in the year could be an objective sign of somatoform disorders. It would then be enough to count at the beginning of consultation the number of acts in the past year.

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