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Exposure to infectious risks for general practitioners – the ECOGEN projet. GPs are exposed in one fourth of their consultations Volume 14, issue 1, Janvier 2018


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1 Département de Médecine Générale, Université Paris Diderot
2 INSERM, IAME, UMR 1137, Paris
3 IAME, UMR 1137, Université Paris-Diderot
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  • Key words: infectious risk, general practioners, ECOGEN, precautionary measures
  • DOI : 10.1684/med.2017.261
  • Page(s) : 37-9
  • Published in: 2018

Infectious risk associated with cares is well assessed within hospitals, but no studies have examined the infectious risk of general practitioners. The main objective of this study was to describe the prevalence of exposure to infectious risk in day care for general practitioners.