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Médecine, the primary care practice independently
Since its inception in 2005, Médecine is an independent medical publication dealing with all aspects of primary care practice and not just prescription.
The journal Médecine supports a patient-centered medicine and Evidence Based Medicine (EBM). It provides its readers rationally-argued discussions about all aspects of their practice, including health products and therapeutic strategies or contextual factors affecting the doctor-patient relationship.
Médecine, editorial excellence guarantee
Written for physicians by practicing physicians, Médecine is an essential tool for all primary care providers, especially GPs.
It gets an interdisciplinary editorial Board ensuring the quality of the articles published through the peer-reviewing manuscripts.
Médecine, the answer to high standards and needs of the Education


Ahead of print

Vie professionnelle

Article Gout: Historical and pathophysiological data
Philippe Casassus
Online since 22/04/2016

Les tests de lecture de <i>Médecine</i>

Article Ce test de lecture porte sur le contenu du numéro 3 de mars 2018. Il ne comporte aucune question piège, sauf ambiguïté bien involontaire de notre part.

Online since 12/06/2018


Article Values Based Medicine (VBM): Issues, methods and points of vigilance
Éric Galam
Online since 02/06/2018


Article Au fil de la presse

Online since 12/06/2018


Article Poor measurement of adverse effects of the pill and misconceptions about its toxicity
Catherine Hill
Online since 02/06/2018

Article Brèves de pharmacovigilance
Michel Gerson
Online since 12/06/2018

Concepts et outils

Article Medical care: interfering in people's life. Is it a right? A duty? What are the limits?
Jean-Loup Rouy
Online since 16/02/2018

Article The role of mothers during the first consultation for contraception of a female teenager at the GP's
Marie Quibel, Rodolphe Charles, Josette Vallée
Online since 02/06/2018

Article Chronic diseases and health social inequalities in primary healthcare - Part 1
Charlotte Rychen, Katia Malazovic, Géraldine Vandersnickt, Yves Montariol, Shérazade Kinouani
Online since 12/06/2018


Article Clinical case: Pulmonary solitary fibrous tumor
Jordan Birebent, Samuel Durliat, Damien Driot, Marine Delabarre, Marie-Ève Rouge-Bugat
Online since 02/06/2018

Article Medical error and medical expertise
Sandra Cybulski
Online since 02/06/2018

Hippocrate en campagne

Article Injonctions paradoxales. Mes fesses
Online since 29/03/2016


Article Too many platelets
Philippe Casassus
Online since 05/05/2018

Article A clinical case. A recalcitrant thumb
Jordan Birebent, Pierre Raulin, Damien Driot, Yves Abbiteboul, Stéphane Oustric
Online since 29/03/2018


Article Young children addiction to digital media. Are their parents informed about dangers?
Marion Dartau, Claire Guillard-Prudhomme, Marco Romero, Laurent Magot
Online since 02/06/2018

Article Identifying the major depressive disorder (MDD) in primary care. Metrological quality of two screening questions according to Arroll
Émilie Jestin, Jérôme De Launay, Philippe Castera, Yves Montariol, Jean-Philippe Joseph, Nicolas Rousselot
Online since 02/06/2018

Article Medical training and pay for performance program. Achievement of pay for performance program
Xavier Humbert, Andry Rabiaza, Mathieu Bansard, Benoit Soulie, Thibaut Raginel, François Le Bas
Online since 12/06/2018