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MRI in congenital heart disease. Volume 2, issue 6, Novembre-Décembre 2006


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Département d’imagerie diagnostique et thérapeutique Creatis, hôpital cardiovasculaire Louis-Pradel, BP Lyon Montchat, 69394 Lyon Cedex 03 France, Service de cardiopédiatrie, hôpital Louis-Pradel, Lyon

Breath-hold electrocardiographically gated cardiac magnetic resonance (MR) imaging and contrast material-enhanced MR angiography are emerging as a clinically useful supplement to ECHO for the evaluation of complex congenital heart disease in pediatric and adult patients, as well as the functional changes caused by the underlying morphologic abnormalities. Among the pathologies in which these methods play a major role are aortic coarctation, anomalies of the pulmonary arteries, right ventricular function and post operative follow up.