MT Cardio

MT Cardio

A journal devoted to understanding cardio-vascular illnesses, their physiopathological mechanisms and specific diagnostic and therapeutic issues.
Cardiology is an area of specialization that is changing rapidly, calling for increasingly broad and complex basic knowledge.
The prime objective of MT CARDIO is to guide you through this labyrinth of genetic, metabolic, morphological, biological, pharmacological and medico-surgical therapeutic knowledge.
Particular attention is paid to physiopathological mechanisms, cardio-vascular risk markers and interfaces with other areas of specialization.
What is different about the journal is that it includes topical items (summaries, with comments, of benchmark articles), editorials and general reviews (updates and complete features on a single theme), all of them in French.
Edited by experts in various fields, the journal is aimed at cardiologists, general practitioners, endocrinologists, hospital doctors, physiologists and pharmacologists, as well as researchers, teachers and industrialists involved in cardiovascular pathology.


Issues per year: 6

ISSN: 1774-8747

ISSN (online): 1952-4080

Editor: Ariel Cohen

Published in: French

Keywords: cardiology, cardiovascular disease