Journal de Pharmacie Clinique

Journal de Pharmacie Clinique

Volume 41, issue 2, Juin 2022


Volume 41, issue 2, Juin 2022

Éditorial / Editorial

Article Eco-responsibility in health: pharmacists at a crossroads (p.55-6)
Lise Durand, Benoît Hue, Valérie Sautou

Synthèse / Review

Article A narrative review of short versus long-course antibiotic treatment for community-acquired pneumonia in the outpatient pediatric setting (p.57-65)
Ariane Blanc, Jameason Cameron, Aniko Yeats

Articles originaux / Original articles

Article Proper and safe use of inhaled therapeutics: which role play healthcare professionals in supporting chronic asthma and COPD patients care? Knowledge and practices in a French hospital (p.67-79)
Ricardo Guimaraes, Lise Durand, Pierre-François Rogliano, Nathalie Bouzou, Sawsan Saad, Stéphanie Le Poole

Article Portable PCA for patient transfer: testing and implementation of a new medical device in a cancer center (p.81-7)
Louis Blondel, Maxime Annereau, Marina Vignes, Ferhat Louli, Gaelle Oka, Emmanuel Daguet, André Rieutord, Amélie Gaudin

Retour d’expériences / Feedback

Article Vaccination by the hospital pharmaceutical team against COVID-19 and flu: feed-back 2021-2022 (p.89-90)
Marie Rosmorduc, Patricia Dacquay, Nathalie Pacitto, Muriel Guerbert, Emmanuelle Clou, Manon Pantanella, Florian Scotte, Maya Abbas, André Rieutord, Amélie Gaudin