Journal de Pharmacie Clinique


Portable PCA for patient transfer: testing and implementation of a new medical device in a cancer center Volume 41, issue 2, Juin 2022


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Gustave Roussy, service pharmacie, Villejuif, France
Correspondance : A. Gaudin

In oncology, analgesia is a major issue in patient management. “Patient-controlled analgesia” (PCA) is a method that allows patients to manage their own pain, but it is not always applicable when patients are transferred. The objective of this work was to validate the use of a portable device allowing to mimic the action of electric pumps use for PCA. For this purpose, two drugs were studied and analyzed. Stability studies, as well as the verification of the conformity of the specificities with regard to the flow rate were studied, in parallel a reflection on the dispensing circuit was carried out. Both molecules are stable for at least 30 hours. Compliance of the flow rates was demonstrated. The “prescription – dispensation – administration” circuit was defined and secured. These tests allowed us to “validate” this device and to use it in real life.