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Journal de Pharmacie Clinique

Journal de Pharmacie Clinique

Volume 39, issue 3, Septembre 2020


Volume 39, issue 3, Septembre 2020


En accès libre Pharmacy and COVID: do no forget what we learnt! (p.115)
Aude Desnoyer, Aurélie Guérin, André Rieutord
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En accès libre The national organization for the supply of health products during the COVID-19 crisis (p.116)
Valérie Salomon
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Articles originaux

Article Clinical pharmacy: evaluation of physicians satisfaction in a French regional hospital (p.117-24)
Hélène Rucheton, Laurie Akcora, Nathalie Saurel, Catherine Da Violante, Isabelle Hermelin

Article Belimumab: a real life experience in lupus patients (p.125-32)
Florence Scher, Marion Fourtage, Jacques-Eric Gottenberg, Emmanuel Chatelus, Christelle Sordet, Guillaume Meyer, Julien Godet, Thierry Martin, Laurent Arnaud, Bénédicte Gourieux

Article Prolonged corticosteroid therapy: therapeutic compliance, knowledge and adherence with hygienic dietary measures (p.133-40)
Fatma Sellami, Dorra Jarraya, Meriam Bouassida, Khouloud Ben Jeddou, Zeineb Ouahchi

Article Evaluation of the incorporation of clinical pharmacists in a French orthopaedic surgery unit (p.141-50)
Nicolas Serandour, Erwan Corbineau, Cécile Langlois, Denis Waast, Jean-François Huon

Article Drug circuit in France and Canada: a comparative analysis of two pediatric university hospital centers (p.151-66)
Marine Floutier, Chloé Jadoul, Suzanne Atkinson, Salvatore Cisternino, Aurélie Guérin, Jean-François Bussières

Cas clinique

Article Guyon canal syndrome: think statins! (p.167-70)
Jean-Marc Bugnicourt, Philippe-Edouard Merle, Valérie Gras-Champel