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Journal de Pharmacie Clinique

Journal de Pharmacie Clinique

Volume 37, issue 4, Décembre 2018


Volume 37, issue 4, Décembre 2018


En accès libre The impact of the Publish or Perish culture on pharmaceutical journals (p.181-2)
Aurélie Guérin, Alain Astier
Open Access


Article Highly and moderately emetogenic anticancer treatments: the place of rolapitant, a new anti-NK1, in the management of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (p.183-90)
Vincent Launay-Vacher, Jean-Baptiste Rey, Florian Scotté

En accès libre Partners in knowledge: how the patient parternship approach will impact the Pharmaceutical practice? (p.191-4)
Alice Casagrande, Sophie Renet
Free Access

Article Pharmaceutical supply chain: review of the literature (p.195-203)
Samiha Benzekri, Mohammed Adnane El Wartiti, Ahmed Bennana

Articles originaux

Article Potentially inappropriate medicines in elderly people hospitalized for fall: prevalence study in an orthopedic surgery service (p.205-14)
Marc Veyrier, Samir Flici, Claire Henry, Pierre Cabanous, André Rieutord, Thierry Begue, Sandrine Roy

Article Impact of medication reconciliation on prescription errors at discharge from an internal medicine ward (p.215-24)
Christian Skalafouris, Aurélie Guérin, Guillaume Bussone, Marie Camille Chaumais, Renato Fior, André Rieutord, Niccolò Curatolo

Article Heterogeneity of the Italian residency training in hospital pharmacy: a pilot study from students’ perspective (p.225-31)
Vera Damuzzo, Roberto Langella, Daniele Mengato, Melania Rivano, Chiara Lamesta, Luca Cancanelli, Corrado Confalonieri, Brigitta Badiani, Sara Pigozzo, Nicola Realdon