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Journal de Pharmacie Clinique

Journal de Pharmacie Clinique

Volume 40, issue 4, Décembre 2021


Volume 40, issue 4, Décembre 2021

Éditorial ' Editorial

En accès libre Are there more publications regarding the role and impact of pharmacists? (p.171-2)
Sarah-Jane Gagnon-Lépine, Duc Tâm Bui, Jean-François Bussières
Open Access

Synthèse ' Review

Article Ten years of medical cannabis use in Switzerland (p.173-82)
Mapi Fleury

Articles originaux ' Original articles

Article Satisfaction survey of pharmacy department role during the temporary creation of non-COVID intensive care beds (p.183-91)
Claire Combe, Line Houpert, Sandie Dauriac, Guillaume Giot, Hassan Hida, Josiane Tomas, Thibaut Girardot

Article Medication reconciliation in hospital patients over the age of 65: how long does it take, and how much does it cost? A time-motion study in an internal medicine ward (p.192-202)
Lilian Alix, Emma Bajeux, Julien Huber, Stéphane Tuffier, Bérengère Cador, Jean-Michel Josselin, Patrick Jego, Dominique Somme, Vincent Gicquel, Astrid Bacle, Benoît Hue

Article Manage a project: theory and proposed methodology in hospital pharmacy settings (Part 2) (p.203-12)
Édouard Cosme, Hélène Eychenié, Axèle Reberga

Communication brève ' Short communication

Article Experience feedback on a training and knowledge monitoring program for hospital pharmacy technician in the field of clinical oncology at the Nord Essonne Hospital Group (p.213-9)
Denis André, Julien Petel, Caroline Lazzerini