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Journal de Pharmacie Clinique


Stability of vancomycin in polyolefine or PVC bags and in glass vials Volume 17, issue 3, Septembre 1998


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  • Key words: stability, vancomycin, infusion bag, polyvinyl chloride, polyolefines, glass
  • Page(s) : 145-8
  • Published in: 1998

The medical use of PVC implies issues as regards to the adsorption for some drugs, additives extraction and its incineration requires particular measures for the environment. For the infusion, the substitution of PVC bags by new polyolefine bags requires to study the stability of the drugs currently used. Therefore, the vancomycin was studied in concentration of 2– 1 in NaCl 0,9 % and dextrose 5 % in room temperature and between + 2° C and + 8° C. The concentrations were determinated in every containers at different times with a high performance liquid chromatography associated with an UV detector. Samples were visually inspected against black and white background and the pH was determinated. The stability of the three parameters was checked for the three types of containers at room temperature and between + 2° C and + 8° C in NaCl 0,9 % and dextrose 5 %. The vancomycin could be injected in infusion with the new polyolefine bags.