Journal de Pharmacie Clinique


The process oriented approach to manage change: a velvet revolution in hospital pharmacy Volume 32, issue 2, Juin 2013


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Service pharmacie, AP-HP Hôpital Antoine Béclère, Clamart, France, Inra, UR 1282, IASP, Centre de Tours, Nouzilly, France, Laboratoire Conception de produits et innovation, Ensam arts et métiers Paris Tech151, Paris, France

The hospital pharmacist is facing a rapid transformation at the moment. The pharmacist should be responsible for helping the patient make the best use of medicines. In this context, the pharmacy department of Antoine Beclere hospital located in Clamart has launched a project of change about the document management system. Its SMART goal was “to find a document en less than 5 minutes”. The working group included the chief pharmacist, a quality manager, a pharmacist resident, the assistant manager, the chief pharmacist technician, a technician assistant and a pharmacist technician. The methodologies used by the project team derived from process oriented management, Quality management and the Kaizen approach. 24 months later, the map process was designed and validated by testing it among a representative panel of employees of the pharmacy's department. This allowed us to build up an organization that does not only rely on individual staff, to appoint 11 process pilots instead of a unique quality assurance manager and eventually to elaborate competencies grids for all staff members. All this achievements contributed to a better efficiency. Besides, the Kaizen approach, a step by step improvement is gradually integrated. This work demonstrates a successful implementation of a process oriented management approach in a pharmacy department. It highlights advantages of such an approach and describes obstacles to overcome.