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Journal de Pharmacie Clinique


Outpatients counselling in hospital pharmacy Volume 17, issue 3, Septembre 1998


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  • Key words: patient counselling, education, information models, consultation, communication, satisfaction inquiry.
  • Page(s) : 160-8
  • Published in: 1998

The pharmaceutical act is composed of both drug’ delivery and patient counselling. Counselling of patients has been developped in the department of pharmacy at the Central Hospital in Nancy since 1991. It concerns drug-delivery to out patients and is made either by an university hospital student, a resident pharmaceutical student or a pharmacist. Three parts are important in our interview with the patient : the introduction, the interview itself and the end of the interview. Written information is essential for any counsel, for example the time schedule for the drug administration, the case-history of the patient and a summary of lay information about the prescribed drugs. The evaluation of the counselling activity on the period 1995-1996 shows that this activity concerns 60 % of the total delivery acts ; the mean duration of a counsel is 11 minutes (18 mns for Cognex®, 23 mns for Bétaféron®). We have investigated the satisfaction of 89 patients about the counselling activity. This inquiry has shown different lacks that we have tried to modify. In patient counselling to a trustful relationship is necessary between the patient and the pharmaceutical staff. The consequences are a better compliance to treatment and a better use of the ressources.