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Recent technique of imaging for the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer: Endoscopic ultrasound Volume 24, supplement 2, Juin 2017


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Institut Paoli Calmettes,
232 bd de Sainte-Marguerite,
13009 Marseille,
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Endoscopic ultrasound is a crucial procedure for management of pancreatic tumours for detection and histology using transdigestive biopsy. New tools allow to characterise with noninvasive method several pancreatic lesions. Contrast-enhanced endoscopic ultrasound differentiate adenocarcinoma (hypovascular) and other pancreatic tumours (neuroendocrine tumour, metastases…) with a 90% specificity. Elastometry determines tissue density and separate benign/malignant tumours with a sensibility around 85% but a very variable specificity in the literature. This technique seems interesting to diagnose pancreatic fibrosis. Confocal endomicroscopy is being evaluated for diagnosis of pancreatic cysts, with some criteria highly specifics for serous cystadenoma, and solid pancreatic masses.