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Hépato-Gastro & Oncologie Digestive

Hépato-Gastro & Oncologie Digestive

Volume 26, issue 6, Juin 2019


Volume 26, issue 6, Juin 2019


En accès libre Enhanced recovery after liver transplantation: What is this? (p.555-7)
Raffaele Brustia, Sébastien Dharancy, Emmanuel Boleslawski, Olivier Scatton
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Article The role of ERCP and endoscopic ultrasound in acute biliary pancreatitis (p.558-64)
Romina Ureña-Campos, Arthur Laquière

Article Epidemiology and risk factors for stomach and oesogastric junction cancer (p.565-72)
Laura Gérard, Sylvain Manfredi

Article Top-down strategies in non resectable metastatic colorectal cancers (p.573-82)
Jean-Louis Legoux, Sylvain Manfredi

Article Hepatopathy associated with the total cavo-pulmonary connection (Fontan intervention) (p.583-90)
Anaïs Jaillais, Matthias Tallegas, Charlotte Nicolas, Louis d’Alteroche, Monica Georgescu, Fanny Dion, Bruno Lefort

Article Role of liver transplantation in treatment of unresectable liver metastases (p.591-7)
Lucile Moga, Manon Allaire, Olivier Roux, Olivier Scatton

Article Optimization limits of anti-TNF treatment (p.598-604)
Léa Brichet, Pauline Veyrard, Xavier Roblin

Article Solitary rectal ulcer syndrom: Break out of isolation… (p.605-15)
Lucas Spindler, Nadia Fathallah, Paul Benfredj, Damien Soudan, Véronique Duchatelle, Marie-Pascale Morel, Vincent de Parades


Article And if patients ingested blue to increase the performance of screening colonoscopy? (p.616-21)
Jérémie Albouys, Jérémie Jacques


Article The ethical conflict caused by the perception of time in gastoenterological practice (p.622-4)
Françoise Charles-Moore


Article à retenir du no 5 mai 2019 (p.625-6)