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Economic evaluation of haematopoietic growth factors in the treatment of malignant haemopathies. Volume 1, issue 5, Septembre - Octobre 1995


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Santé Publique, hôpital Henri-Mondor, 51, avenue du Maréchal-de-Lattre-de-Tassigny, 94010 Créteil, France.

It was undertaken along with clinical trial or retrospective studies. The cost of the sole G-CSF treatment was estimated to be 2300 US$ per cycle. Cost-minimizations analyses compared the cost of treatment course (chemotherapy, bone marrow transplantation with and without haematopoietic growth factor), and cost-effectiveness analyses estimated the cost per episode of febrile neutropenia averted. Results appear to be yet contradictory and do not allow definite conclusions about the existence of extra cost or of cost savings due to the introduction haematopoietic growth factors.