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Hématologie, the journal of the French Haematology Society (SFH), provides an invaluable link between all the biomedical disciplines involved in haematology. It has established its position as a major French-language journal aimed at both clinicians and researchers.
Haematology is a rapidly developing area and our journal keeps pace with the changes. With this new format, the Editorial Board wanted to offer readers an even greater focus on clinical matters, a larger board and new sections including "Residents' Corner" and "How do I treat…"
Hématologie presents articles written by top oncology and haematology authors. As well as the six current issues, readers have access to reports from all the big national and international congresses.

Some articles of the journal are published in English, you will find them in the English e-section.


Publication director

Gilles Cahn

Editor in chief

François Sigaux, Institut de Recherche Saint-Louis (IRSL), Université Paris Cité, Paris; INSERM U944/CNRS UMR7212, Paris; Saint-Louis Hospital, Hematology Laboratory, AP-HP, Paris

Assistant editors in chief

Mohamad Mohty, Department of Hematology, Saint Antoine Hospital, INSERM UMR 938, Sorbonne University, Paris
Olivier Bernard, U1170, Inserm, Gustave Roussy, Université Paris Diderot, Villejuif
Hervé Dombret, University Institute of Hematology, Saint-Louis Hospital, Paris

SFH representatives

Thierry Facon, President of the SFH
Olivier Bernard, SFH Scientific Affairs Delegate, President of the SFH Scientific Council
Mathilde Hunault, Vice-President of the SFH
Karim Laribi, member of the SFH Board of Directors

Editorial board

Valérie Bardet, UFR Simone Veil Santé, Université Versailles-Saint Quentin-Paris Saclay, France
Lucile Baseggio, Laboratoire d'hématologie cellulaire, GHS/Hospices civils de Lyon, Pierre-Bénite, France; Lymphoma Immuno-Biology Team, Faculty of Medicine de médecine Lyon-Sud, Pierre-Bénite, France; CytHem-SLP group.
Ali Bazarbachi, American University of Beirut, Medical Center Beirut, Lebanon
Christine Bellané-Chantelot, Department of Genetics, Pitié-Salpétrière Hospital, Inserm U1009, Institut Gustave-Roussy, Villejuif, France ; Intergroup myeloproliferative disorders
Françoise Bernaudin, Club du globule rouge et du fer, Paris, France
Dominique Bonnet, Senior Group Leader, Haematopoietic Stem cell Laboratory, Cancer Research UK, London Research Institute, London, Great Britain
Eileen Boyle, NYU Langone Health Department, NewYork, USA
Éolia Brissot, Clinical Hematology, Saint-Antoine Hospital, Paris, France
Christine Chomienne, Cell Biology Department, Inserm UMRS 1131, University Institute of Haematology, Saint-Louis Hospital, Paris, France
Sylvain Choquet, Clinical Haematology Department, Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, Paris
Thomas Cluzeau, Head of Clinical Haematology Department, Nice University Hospital, Archet 1 Hospital, French Myelodysplasia Group
Catherine Cordonnier, Clinical Haematology Department, Henri-Mondor Hospital, Créteil
Yesim Dargaud, Clinical Haemostasis Unit, Louis Pradel Cardiology Hospital, EA4609, Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University, Lyon
Éric Delabesse, Department of Haematology, University Hospital of Toulouse, Purpan Hospital, Toulouse
Michel Delforge, Chairman Leuven Cancer Institute, Clinical Head Division of Hematology
Virgine Éclache, Groupe francophone de cytogénétique hématologique
Remi Favier, Biological Haematology Department, Reference Centre for Platelet Diseases, GHU Est Biology Unit, Armand Trousseau Hospital, Paris; Inserm U1009, Villejuif, Reference Centre for Platelet Diseases
Pierre Fenaux, Clinical Haematology Department, Avicenne Hospital, Bobigny, France, French Myelodysplasia Group
Pierre Fontana, Department of Angiology and Haemostasis, University Hospitals of Geneva, Switzerland
Loïc Garçon, Biological Haematology Department, CHU Amiens-Picardie, Amiens; HEMATIM, EA 4666, Université Picardie Jules Verne, Amiens
Irene Ghobrial, Longwood Center, Boston, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston
Olivier Hermine, Adult Haematology Department, Necker-Enfants Malades Hospital, Paris; GR-Ex Laboratory, Biogenesis and pathologies of the red blood cell, Institute of Genetic Diseases (Imagine); Laboratory of molecular mechanisms of haematological disorders and therapeutic implications, Imagine, Inserm U1163
Raphaël Itzykson, Inserm 2019, Institut Gustave-Roussy, Villejuif
Dominique Jeaulmes, Francophone association for supportive cancer care
Delphine Lebon, clinical haematology department, CHU Amiens
Xavier Leleu, Clinical Haematology Department, CHU Poitiers, Francophone Myeloma Intergroup
Florent Malard, Department of Clinical Haematology and Cellular Therapy, AP-HP, Hôpital Saint-Antoine, Inserm UMR 938, Paris
Philippe Moreau, Department of Haematology, CHU de Nantes, Francophone Myeloma Intergroup
Claude Preudhomme, haematology laboratory A, PM Degand biology and pathology centre, Lille, Group of molecular biologists of haematological malignancies
Antoine Rauch, haemostasis-transfusion department, Lille University Hospital INSERM U1011, team 2
Henri Rochant, former head of the haematology department, Henri-Mondor Hospital, Créteil
Catherine Roche-Lestienne, France leukaemia intergroup
Murielle Roussel, IUC-Oncopôle, Toulouse, France.
Jean Soulier, Cytogenetics/Genomics Unit, Haematology Laboratory, Saint-Louis Hospital, Paris; Reference Centre for Constitutional Medullary Aplasia; Inserm U944, Genome and Cancer
Xavier Troussard, Laboratory and Clinical Haematology Department, Caen Hospital, Caen, French Cellular Haematology Group and Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia Cooperative Group

Scientific board

Annelise Bennaceur, Yves Beuzard, Jean-Yves Cahn, Nicole Casadevall, Adrien Contejean, Regis Costello, Thierry de Revel, Philippe Gaulard, Robert Girot, Norbert Ifrah, Jérôme Larghro, Veronique Leblond, Albert Najman, Serge Pissard, Gerard Socié, Valérie Ugo, William Vainchenker, Bruno Varet.