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Bispecific antibodies in myeloma Volume 27, supplement 3, Juin 2021


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1 Service d’hématologie, institut universitaire du cancer de Toulouse, France
2 Équipe génomique et immunologie du myélome UMR 1037, Inserm, centre de recherches en cancérologie de Toulouse, France
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The effects of the immune system on the antitumoral response are no longer in doubt, and multiple myeloma is not an exception. Understanding the immune mechanisms favouring multiple myeloma has help to develop promising new treatments: immunotherapies, which is expanding rapidly in all areas of haematology. CAR-T cells have already proven their efficacity in multiple myeloma. Bispecific antibodies are able to bind two antigens to direct the adaptive response to clonal plasma cells and are increasingly being studied in phase I/II trials. These trials suggest that their efficacy could quickly challenge CAR-T cells. In this article, we wish to provide the reader a current inventory of bispecific antibodies in multiple myeloma.