Discovery of the “Asian variant” of an intravascular large B-cell lymphoma in front of pseudo-septic symptoms Volume 27, issue 1, Janvier-Février 2021


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1 Service de médecine interne, centre hospitalier de Royan, Vaux-sur-Mer, France
2 Groupement de coopération sanitaire de Saintonge, laboratoire inter-hospitalier de biologie médicale (centres hospitaliers de St Jean d’Angély, Saintes, Royan et Jonzac), St-Jean-d’Angély, France
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We report the observation of a patient who presented with an infectious picture associating fever at 40 ̊C and shivering, in which the biological, radiological assessment and the probabilistic antibiotic therapy failed. The presence of bio-clinical elements compatible with a macrophagic activation syndrome led to the proposal of a myelogram which, combined with flow cytometry, made it possible to consider the diagnosis of large cell B lymphoma, confirmed secondarily by the anatomopathological study. Rapid therapeutic management was followed by a favorable evolution. Myelogram and flow cytometry enabled the rapid management of a patient with a very progressive high grade lymphoma, saving fifteen days compared to the usual time required for obtaining pathological results.