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Happiness at work: what do scientists say about it? Volume 17, issue 5, September-October 2018


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Happiness at work is emerging as a trendy topic. As a consequence, quite a number of comments, statements, and publications, including those on social networks, appear daily, most often without any scientific basis. This paper presents a rational approach that starts from the concept of happiness and its analogy with the concept of global health. Both concepts are considered to be a vision that leads to various practical objectives that are also shared by occupational health, such as well-being.

Looking at the rapidly changing working world and the new expectations of work in this world sheds light on some avenues that might be investigated to promote the quality of working life, satisfaction, and well-being. The question of how to assess happiness is raised and analyzed through the OECD guidelines for measuring subjective well-being.

To complete this overview, we examine several research advances directly related to happiness that provide support for the scientific dimensions of happiness and help to outline the challenges ahead. They concern not only the issues of scientific research but also the step needed to put these new factors into practice as principles of management, of work organization, and of occupational health.

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