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Impact de l’exposition aux PM2,5 sur les capacités cognitives des enfants de l’étude BREATHE Volume 18, issue 6, November-December 2019



This news is based on the following article: Rivas I, Basagaña X, Cirach M, et al. Association between early life exposure to air pollution and working memory and attention. Environ Health Perspect 2019 ; 127(5) : 57002. doi : 10.1289/EHP3169


Adding to our knowledge about the effect of air pollution on cognitive development, this investigation in the Brain development and air pollution ultrafine particles in school children (BREATHE) study is one of the largest to date. It focuses on two essential functions assessed at ages 7 and 10, attention and working memory, and describes the impact of exposure to fine particulates for a variety of windows of exposure in both sexes.

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