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Glyphosate: expert assessment by questions Volume 17, issue 1, January-February 2018

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F54000 Nancy
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  • Key words: expertise, evaluation, scientific methodology, heuristics, decision-making
  • DOI : 10.1684/ers.2017.1123
  • Page(s) : 65-8
  • Published in: 2018

Although scientific expert assessments must be based on robust works relying on assured methodologies, the knowledge of the islands of ignorance is also essential to bring to the person demanding the expertise the information that will enable him/her to decide (well). The greater the size of these islands are important, the more likely it is that the imagination or even ideology will taint or even pollute the quality of the assessment. The recent example of glyphosate can serve as a point of reflection on this type of decision-making approach.